We help Real Estate Agents generate acquisition and sales leads 

Who are we?

We are people with values, serious workers as you can understand from the helmet represented in our logo.

A team with great passion in Digital Marketing, a little visionary and lovers of evolution, with a great desire to help our customers to get great results.  

Leonardo Spanò, Surveyor and Digital Marketer, Ceo Imprese Leggendarie.


Why the name Legendary Enterprises?

We believe that every business is legendary because it is made up of equally legendary people, people who work hard every single day, and that’s simply why we call ourselves that.


Why can we help you?

Time passes, systems change but concepts remain the same. 

The foundation for a successful Real Estate Agency is built on the flow of contacts. From door to door to traditional media has always been crucial evolution, now it’s time for online. 

By using this tool in the right way you can stand out in this increasingly noisy market.

The real estate market in 2021 is closely linked to the digital world, that’s where people are nowadays, that’s where you have to meet them with your sales and acquisition messages.

The digital world is constantly evolving, every month there are changes and you have to be constantly updated. 

It’s important to move from the DIY concept to relying on a professional. 


How does it work to work with us?

We know exactly what the needs of the marketplace are, what our customers need, and what your customers need.

We need to position ourselves to be useful to you by providing the results you need! 

We are confident in our work and that is why we can make an advantageous offer:

Our service is structured in 2 parts:

1-First upfront part for setting up and creating the marketing system;

2-Second part postponed according to the results you will obtain. 

To this must be added the advertising budget that will be decided depending on the geographical area. 

All this in order to provide you with the best service by eliminating any kind of risk. 


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Le nostre prestazioni

Digital Marketing

Thanks to years of experience in the industry, constant international study with the world’s top marketers, we know how to bring value to your business so you can generate results. 

Content Creation

Real Estate Videos, Renderings, and Graphics are critical elements to winning. We can create it all for you so you can differentiate yourself from your competitors and become a first choice.  

Our values

  • Always give 100%

  • Help others and be humble 

  • Demonstrate that you can generate real results 

  • Inspire and learn from the best

  • Talk less and demonstrate skills with facts 

Entrepreneurship is a way of life, is a travel, is a way of thinking and because i’m a real traveler i love to be part of it.
Leonardo Spanò
Surveyor & Digital Marketer

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