How to Sell Home Online.....

.......with the Real Estate Marketing

Selling Home online is possible if you approach real estate digital marketing the right way.

More and more buyers are using the internet to search for and buy their dream home, and it’s easy to see why. Today, 51% of home buyers find the home they eventually purchase online. And, according to Google, 46% of all searches are now local.

If your real estate marketing efforts don’t include the web with a focus on local search, you’re missing out on potential clients.

Today’s technology allows us to search any corner of the country for properties from the comfort of our living rooms. To tap into that large pool of potential clients, successful agents use multi-channel real estate marketing ideas that integrate traditional and digital strategies.

In the real estate market, online tactics are increasingly becoming the rule rather than the exception for effective strategic real estate marketing.

Below are tips on how to be present in this world so that you too can Sell Home Online.




A great way to market real estate is to simply become an expert in your niche. When you are an expert, you will become an authority! You won’t need to sell, you will simply draw buyers to you.

This is the same for Digital as well! 

Clearly it doesn’t happen overnight and it doesn’t happen easily, but it happens over time.Make sure you share lots of useful content and present yourself as an expert.

Don’t try to appear, don’t try to sound superior. Always be investigating and learning, then share these things with the world through the appropriate social media channels, and eventually people will look to your advice and in this way you will attract more and more buyers and sellers. 

Try to give what people want: tips, particular apartments, particular offers and communicate it constantly, plan your strategic real estate marketing in the best way, this will bring results.


Those who have mastered the means of online marketing know how important it is to have a professional website. However, this idea for real estate marketing is not new.

However, there is a big difference between a regular website and a professional one. For agents and agencies looking to move properties, this is more important now than ever.

When building your website, focus on both aesthetics and functionality. Be sure to address things like overall site speed, ease of navigation, quality of content, sharpness of photos, and the ability to insert the right filters.

Don’t bombard visitors with too many ads all over the place, and make sure it’s a site that people want to keep checking out with fresh content and regularly added properties.


Facebook and Instagram are a great resource for reaching droves of users who are on a popular social media platform. Although, it’s no longer as easy to reach those users organically (for free) due to algorithm changes for real estate marketing.

Being social is vital to selling homes online. 

Use it as an opportunity to post real estate photos and videos or capture other relevant lifestyle images that will help you spread the word.

Create a Facebook and Instagram page that is full of content, tips and useful information. Facebook is still the largest resource with the largest subset of users you can target online, Your majority target audience is on this platform! Creating a business page on Facebook, and then advertising the business with Facebook advertising campaigns is one approach to take when marketing your real estate online.

This is a terrific resource whether you are new to the business or a veteran in the field.

Once you have built your Facebook page, make sure you are active on it and continually provide a good amount of value in each post. Do things with tact, decorum and poise if you want to succeed in business in the long run. Facebook business pages are free public profiles, similar to personal Facebook accounts, that provide a powerful way to connect with current customers and reach new ones who find your page when they search on Google.

Use your Facebook page to promote your business by responding to comments and sharing status updates, links, event announcements, photos and videos, and I use paid contact generation tools so you can get to your goals as quickly as possible.

Be active on social, hang out with local groups and various industry groups.  Get noticed by answering questions well when you meet, you will improve your reputation and encourage people to visit your profiles. Eventually they will want to meet you personally.

Discipline yourself to use thirty (30) minutes a day to answer good questions and engage with potential clients.


With so many people on social media it’s important to have a strong online presence, Facebook is your best friend when it comes to social media advertising. With over 1.5 billion daily users, it is the largest social media platform. Creating ads means creating the right message for the right people by creating a match between supply and demand, this tool if known how to use turns out to be a great opportunity for your real estate business.

Choosing the right ads and real estate marketing strategies will help you reach your business goals and scale them as best as possible. It is the best way to sell one to many in this historical period.  


Use great attractive cover photos! Homes are meant to be shown from the inside as well as the outside, show them in their best light. Add links that can guide people to specific details of your listed homes, or to a mobile app, or to an upcoming event. 

In many cases you can retouch photos without transforming them, to increase light or remove extra objects.


If you’re not yet using videos as part of your online marketing strategy, you should be.

73% of homeowners prefer to hire an agent who uses online video. When you are just starting out, a smartphone camera is more than adequate to shoot high quality video associated with a stabilizer so you can recreate a stable video and provide the ultimate digital experience.

If you’re looking for ideas on what to record you can always start with an agent bio video, videos of your real estate listings, as well as doing virtual open houses on Facebook Live.


Video walkthroughs and virtual tours offer a greater understanding of how a home is realistically represented. It could simply be something you shoot with a high quality smartphone or better yet call a professional in the field, especially for virtual tours. Your property will gain a lot of points from every angle. 

This real estate web marketing strategy will really give the potential buyer a better sense of what a space really looks like in person, providing the ultimate digital experience. 


A YouTube channel is much more than an entertainment channel. Owned by Google, YouTube is a search engine and as such it is only right that you think about including real estate videos to make sure that search (demand) and supply meet through video. Best tool to provide users with a digital experience as real as possible. Also uploading a video on Youtube will help your agency in google rankings. 


Setting up a local business page on Google my business for your real estate marketing efforts is definitely prudent. If you can, also target the right keywords on your business page. For example, you can use “Real Estate Bolzano Agent First Name Last Name” to target the right keywords or “Rome real estate agent First Name Last Name” and so on.

Get clients to write reviews about your business, it will help you create a strong authority and you can reuse this social proof to introduce yourself to your potential clients.


You may not convert a visitor into a home buyer overnight, but if you capture their contact information, you’ll have the opportunity to make an impression as a real estate expert for several weeks or months (or even years). Real estate email marketing can become an effective tool for open house invitations, monthly market updates, and offering helpful advice to people in transition. Buying a home requires several decision-making steps, which is why you need to continue to nurture your contacts to ensure that you are always the first choice in the final stages.


A big component in online real estate marketing is to build a free offer to collect those profitable email addresses. What you’ll notice is that the most popular real estate agents and real estate websites have free offers that appear shortly after you visit the page.

What should you do ?

Leverage digital for valuable results

Internet exposure is essential to getting a quick and competitive sale for your home. It’s where most buyers begin their search in today’s market and you get a great deal of exposure at higher quality than any other form of sponsorship. A strong online presence will increase your chances of selling your home right away and at the best possible price.
You need targeted strategies to find new leads and great sales opportunities. Now is the time to market yourself online and reap the benefits of digital real estate marketing.

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