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  • What is a render?

A render is an immediate communication tool that allows you to convey design ideas and architecture in a stimulating and highly persuasive way. It is useful both in the initial stages of designing the idea and in the final stages of selling it.

The render is a digital representation that develops from a three-dimensional model to which textures of real materials are applied and lights that imitate the behavior of natural and artificial light sources are inserted.

  • What is the render for and who is it for?

The rendering service is useful both to individuals (eg a couple who wants to renovate their home or a single room);

or to a professional (e.g. a builder who has to build a residential complex of apartments or industrial buildings that he will then have to sell or an architect who has to show the project for the construction of a new house and the internal subdivision of space).

All these figures are united by the desire to be able to visualize an idea that until that moment was only in their imagination. Therefore, the client, even before his house is built, will be able to see it already in preview, which allows to make the best choices of materials and finishes in order to obtain, when the work is completed exactly the desired result.

Virtual Tours

  • Can a virtual tour be useful?

    Virtual tours (architectural walkthroughs) are videos and animations of the project. Through the changing shots and the movement of people and vehicles you get a more realistic visualization of the works.

    The difference with the architectural renderings is that the latter is a simple static image, while with the virtual tour you can walk through the rooms, viewing every corner of the building (inside or outside that is).

    Many architectural firms and builders make use of the virtual tour because it provides an interactive tool that helps investors, owners or buyers visualize the details of a finished architectural project, even before construction has begun.


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