Render Style 2

  • The rendering is not just a simple digital photo but an exciting experience to be lived by the customer, this means that the same is enticed and excited to make the renovation or purchase, consequently it is a facilitation for the construction company or real estate to make the sale.

    Why use a rendering service?

    Mainly to return to the customer something visual, not to be left to 2 written words, a simple two-dimensional photo or

    to the imagination of the same but actually show how a renovation may result before and after, or in the case of a new property what I’m actually buying.

    When you use a rendering service?

    The rendering service is to be used during the design phase of a renovation or during the sale of new properties, it does not make sense and even less useful when the customer has already visualized and made his precise image.

    It should also be used post-project or sales in order to choose the construction materials.

    To whom is a rendering service intended?

    The rendering service is intended for a construction company as an architectural firm or a simple private individual who wants to renovate their home or business premises.

    You can request the rendering of a single room, of an entire house or commercial space up to complexes of villas or buildings.

    What does a rendering service give back?

    The rendering service basically returns images in
     high definition images up to 8k from various angles, in addition you can add a service of

    video rendering that returns a mini virtual tour of the exterior or interior.

    Today, not so much a renovation but much more a purchase of a property is expensive, so let’s make customers dream let them fall in love with what they are buying, when you do see the renderings look at their faces read the amazement, the wonder you will find in that moment customers returned children for an instant.

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